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  • On Beautiful

    It’s scary to think that the shift for me happened when I was 8 years old. Reading through my old journal

    One Year Anniversary

    I can’t believe that our little company has just turned 1!  I’d like to thank all my clients, friends,

    In the Bath

    The aroma of lavender fills the air as I watch the steam rise.  My pruned fingertips swirl the water that surrounds me

    Sooner is Better than Later

    In the midst of the chaos a year ago, we packed our bags and aimed our arrows at San Diego.  Months before, we had

    Falling in Love

    As the last notes of the music from their premiere linger in the air, she turns to her partner with tears rolling down


    Somewhere between the calming affect of getting your hair and makeup done, indulging in the pleasure of getting swept up in a fantasy of pretty things, and zipping up the back of your dream dress, you’ll pause and feel so much gratitude for just being in this moment. Maybe you are an entrepreneur and are here for a personal branding session to revitalize your business, maybe you are a busy mom and this is a special treat just for you, or maybe someone has given you this beautiful experience as a gift for you to enjoy. Most of all, you are here to reconnect with YOUR beauty - the light that shines out of your heart and soul. It is not for you to be photogenic in front of my camera, it is my job to pose you and help you through the entire process. I am so excited to meet you.